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During my childhood, my mother passed on her love of collecting shells and sea glass to me. In turn, I shared this tradition with my son. Every summer we spent countless hours combing the beach for treasures on vacation. During the pandemic, my husband and I decided to leave New York City after twenty plus years and make the move to the Gold Coast of Long Island. Now that we live right on the water, shell collecting has become a year round hobby for us to enjoy. My discovery of decoupage led me to turn our shells into handcrafted, timeless treasures! 

All of our shells are local to Long Island - from the North Shore to the Hamptons. We are excited to share our love for the beach with you and hope our designs bring sandy memories into your everyday life! 

Love and shells,


She Shells Designs Owner Heather Baynon
Decoupage Shell Art Best Sellers
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